Which Crypto Coin Will Rise In Future? (17 Ultimate List)

There are many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Tether which can be daunting when you first get involved in the world of crypto.

The most thrilling aspect of cryptocurrency investments is the fact that as they grow, their value will shoot up.

In 2021 we saw Solana (CRYPTO: SOL) rise by over 10,000%. Its Meme token Shiba Inu (CRYPTO: SHIB) increased by over 40,000,000%.

The year 2022 wasn’t going as well. Crypto was a victim of a bear market, and the prices of major coins plummeted dramatically. While there’s no assurance that crypto is going to remain, however, the market has rebounded before.

It’s impossible to say without certainty which crypto coin will rise in future.

But, we could select a few potential options that take advantage of recent trends which comprise decentralized finance, data storage, and digital payment options.

To aid you in figuring out your way to make sense of the crypto world, here are the most valuable 17 cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalization or sum of the value for all coins that are currently in circulation.

Which Crypto Coin Will Rise In Future?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used to trade without the centralized control of a government or bank. At present, there are 21,697 cryptocurrency projects available that make up the whole one trillion dollars crypto market.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Cap of the market: $389.8 billion

It is considered to be the most significant cryptocurrency. In 2009, Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin (BTC) is the initial cryptocurrency.

Like many cryptocurrencies, BTC runs on the blockchain that is it is a ledger logging transactions distributed across hundreds of computers.

Since any additions to the ledgers distributed must be verified by solving a cryptographic problem which is referred to as proof of work, Bitcoin is safe and secure from scammers.

The price of Bitcoin has rocketed up since it became an international brand. In May of 2016, you could purchase one Bitcoin for $500. At the time of November. 8th, 2022 the price of a Bitcoin was $20,301. This represents a rise of 3,960%.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

  • Capitalization: $189.3 billion

It is both a cryptocurrency as well as also a blockchain platform Ethereum is the preferred choice by programmers due to its possibilities for applications, such as smart contracts, or smart contracts that automatically run when certain conditions are met. Also, non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Ethereum has also seen massive growth. Between April 2016 and November 2022, at the time of its end, its price increased from around $11 to $1,547. That’s an increase of 13,965%.

3. Tether (USDT)

  • Cap of the market: $69.5 billion

As opposed to other forms that are cryptocurrency, Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin which means it’s supported by fiat currencies, such as U.S. dollars and the Euro, and theoretically has an amount equal to the denomination of one.

Theoretically, it implies that the value of Tether is expected to be more stable than other cryptocurrencies and is therefore popular with investors who are concerned about high volatility in other currencies.

4. Binance Coin (BNB)

  • Cap of the market: $61.1 billion

Binance Coin (BNB) Binance Coin (BNB) is an example of a cryptocurrency that can be used to pay for fees and trade on Binance one of the biggest crypto exchanges around the globe.

Since its inception in the year, 2017 Binance Coin has grown beyond just facilitating trades through the exchange platform of Binance.

It is now utilized to process transactions, trade, or even book travel arrangements. It is also able to be exchanged or traded in exchange for other types of cryptocurrency like Ethereum as well as Bitcoin.

The BNB price in 2017 was $0.10. In late November 2022 BNB’s price was about $382, an increase of 382,065%.

5. U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC)

  • Capitalization: $43.0 billion

Similar to Tether, USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin which means it’s secured in U.S. dollars and aims to achieve a 1 USD for 1 USDC ratio.

USDC operates on Ethereum and you can make use of USD Coin to complete global transactions.

6. Binance USD (BUSD)

  • Capitalization: $22.8 billion

Binance USD (BUSD) is a stablecoin that Paxos and Binance formed to create a cryptocurrency that is backed by the U.S. dollar.

To keep this value, Paxos holds an amount of U.S. dollars equal to the total value of BUSD.

Similar to other stablecoins, BUSD provides buyers or crypto users the possibility to conduct trades with different crypto assets, while reducing the chance of volatility.

7. XRP (XRP)

  • Capitalization: $22.7 billion

It was created by the same founders of Ripple a digital technology and payment processing company. XRP is a cryptocurrency that can be used as a network for transactions between different types of currencies which include fiat currencies as well as other important cryptocurrencies.

Ripple has been in existence since 2012 but was involved in a Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit towards the end of 2020. The lawsuit prompted a majority of large U.S. crypto exchanges to remove XRP.

The most significant issue for Ripple is the lawsuit, however, XRP remains one of the biggest cryptocurrencies.

As the legal issues surrounding Ripple are over There’s a high chance that exchanges will take it back and will be able to attract more investors.

In the first quarter of 2017, the cost for XRP at the time was $0.006. In November. 8th, 2022 the price had risen to $0.46 equivalent to an increase of 7,421%.

8. Dogecoin (DOGE)

  • The market cap is $14.37 billion

Dogecoin was first introduced as an idea for a joke in 2013. However, it quickly grew into a well-known cryptocurrency. Due to the dedication of its community and some of the most creative memes.

As with other cryptos, there’s no limit to the number of Dogecoins which can be made and this makes the currency vulnerable to decline as the supply grows.

The price of Dogecoin in 2017 was $0.0002. In November 2022, its cost was $0.11 a gain of 54,051%.

9. Cardano (ADA)

  • Capitalization: $14.1 billion

A little later than that of the crypto market, Cardano (ADA) is famous for its early adoption of proof-of-stake confirmation.

This process speeds up the time of transactions and reduces energy consumption and environmental impact by eliminating the issue of competition and problem-solving verification for transactions on platforms such as Bitcoin.

Cardano is also akin to Ethereum to allow smart contracts as well as decentralized applications which ADA its native coin is the power behind.

Its ADA token has seen small growth in comparison to other crypto coins. In 2017, the price of ADA was $0.02. At the time of November. 8th, 2022 the value was $0.41. This represents an improvement of 1,552%.

10. Solana (SOL)

  • Cap of the market: $11.1 billion

It was designed to support decentralized finance (DeFi) using decentralized apps (DApps) and smart contracts. Solana operates on a distinct mix of proof-of-stake and proof-of-history systems to handle transactions fast and safely. SOL is the Solana native token that powers the platform.

In 2020, when it was launched the price was $0.77. At the end of November 2022, SOL’s price was $30.56 which was an increase of 3,869%.

11. Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot (DOT) is a unique PoS cryptocurrency designed to provide interoperability with other blockchains.

The protocol is created to connect both permissioned and non-permissionless blockchains and oracles in order to let systems collaborate in a single location. Polkadot’s main element is the relay chain which facilitates interoperability between different networks.

It also offers parachains — parallel blockchains that use their own tokens that are designed for certain use scenarios.

The main reason Polkadot distinguishes itself in comparison to Ethereum is that instead of creating dApps solely on Polkadot developers are able to create their own blockchain with the security that the Polkadot blockchain already offers.

With Ethereum developers are able to create new blockchains but must come up with the security features they want to use. This could leave smaller and new projects vulnerable to attack since the more extensive the blockchain is, the more secure it is.

This idea is a part of Polkadot and is referred to in the context of shared security.

Polkadot was developed in the hands of Gavin Wood, another member of the founders of the Ethereum project, who had different opinions regarding the future of the Ethereum project.

As of September. 18 2022 Polkadot has a market value of approximately $7.5 billion, and one DOT stock was sold for $6.78.

12. 1inch

1inch Network (CRYPTO:1INCH) 1inch Network (CRYPTO:1INCH) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator.

Decentralized exchanges let users exchange several cryptocurrencies through the use of a crypto wallet. There is no central authority that manages the exchange. Moreover, as with several DEXs, it’s not necessary to sign up as well.

Financial decentralization (DeFi) was a huge topic in 2021 when a lot of crypto enthusiasts made use of DEXs for trading cryptocurrencies.

1inch is an easy method of getting the best value for your crypto by using DEXs. It instantly analyzes the prices of hundreds of different platforms to discover the best price for you.

Although the aggregation method is very useful, it’s not everything that 1inch can offer.

The other 1inch offerings include a limit order protocol that allows you to define specific trade conditions, as well as 1inch Earn, which is software to earn interest when you deposit crypto into liquidity pools.

13. Aave

Aave (CRYPTO: AAVE) is among the most well-known and convenient lending protocols that are user-friendly. Users can lend and borrow several different kinds of cryptocurrency.

If you transfer your cryptocurrency with Aave You’ll earn interest-free payments when you lend your money.

The unique features it has provided have allowed Aave beat other crypto-lending platforms. Borrowers have the option of switching from fixed interest rates to variable rates and reversing the process.

Aave is also famous for its FlashLoans which are loans that don’t need collateral. However, they require repayment in exactly the same way.

Aave is an institutional governance token It means that holders are able to vote on the direction for the protocols. Additionally, they can enjoy fee discounts by using the services of Aave.

14. SushiSwap

Automated market makers (AMMs) are decentralized exchanges that run with smart contracts that expanded significantly in 2021.

Although there are numerous AMMs available, SushiSwap (CRYPTO: SUSHI) may be the most poised to make a huge run.

SushiSwap is compatible with over a dozen distinct blockchains which allow it to provide some of the most affordable rates.

It’s also among the most popular options to stake crypto. It provides a variety of liquidity pools. It also lets you easily determine the annual percentage return you could earn from each.

What is it that makes SushiSwap superior to other AMMs like Uniswap (CRYPTO: UNI) and PancakeSwap (CRYPTO CAKE)?

The SushiSwap app is perhaps the most user-friendly interface, however, its market value is only a tiny fraction of the two.

15. Monero

Monero (CRYPTO: XMR) is one of the popular privacy coins which translates to that it is a cryptocurrency that is completely anonymous and undetectable transactions.

It uses technology to enhance privacy to ensure that the sender recipient, sender, and the amount of each transaction are kept secret.

The coin has been in circulation since 2014 that’s an extended time in a market that moves like cryptocurrency.

The reason that it’s an attractive choice right now is because of growing crypto regulation across a number of countries which includes those in the United States.

There are many who prefer secure cryptocurrency transactions private, particularly because regulations are becoming more stringent.

This makes Monero an obvious use case and is an ideal dark-horse crypto that is likely to see continued growth.

16. Storj

Storj (CRYPTO: STORJ) adopts a decentralized, crypto-based method of cloud data storage.

In contrast to the traditional cloud storage providers that have their own data centers, Storj allows anyone to create a storage node by using the space of their disk space.

If you manage a storage node that you manage, you will receive payment through STORJ tokens. This means that Storj is an ideal method to earn passive income for those who have equipment that meets the minimal specifications.

To run the node it is necessary to have high-quality bandwidth and 99.3% uptime.

The demand for storage of data is going to continue to grow The biggest benefit of Storj is that it is an excellent product.

For a service for storage that is very positive reviews. Although many cryptocurrencies receive attention due to the things they can do, Storj actually has a functioning product and its performance can give it a long-lasting presence in comparison to other crypto tokens.

17. Basic Attention Token

We’d all love being paid to surf the web. If you have a Basic Attention Token (CRYPTO: BAT) you are able to.

All you have to install is BAT, the firm’s Brave browser. The browser replaces standard advertisements on the internet with ones that offer the form of rewards, specifically BAT.

When you use Brave it is you who are receiving a fee for your online advertisement views, instead of other businesses.

Brave has an extensive road to travel before it can compete with the most popular web browsers, however, it boasts greater than fifty million daily active users which makes it among the most popular crypto projects to this point.

Cheapest Cryptocurrency to Buy:

We were able to provide 16 altcoins on this page, but there are many more important cryptocurrencies that are available that are jockeying for position with each other over time with respect to user bases as well as market value and influence.

Other important cryptocurrencies include (as of November 13, 2022) but aren’t only:

More Top Altcoins
CryptoTicker$ PriceMkt Cap ($B)Note
DaiDAI$.99$6.8DAI is a different stablecoin tied in relation to the U.S. dollar.
Shiba InuSHIB$.000011$6.31A meme coin
TronTRX$0.06$5.7TRX is the base account in Tron. Tron blockchain. TRX is also the natural medium of exchange for all TRC-based tokens. TRX connects to the entire Tron ecosystem through a variety of application scenarios that support applications and transactions on the chain.
AvalancheAVAX$17.91$5.3Avalanche is the most efficient smart contracts platform, measured by time-to-finality. It also is the most reliable platform for validating the operation of any proof-of-stake protocol.
Wrapped BitcoinWBTC$19,690.86$4.4WBTC is an electronic tokenized Bitcoin that is based on the Ethereum blockchain


Will Shiba Inu Rise?

It is anticipated by experts that Shiba Inu’s price may rise by the end of 2023 and may reach US$0.0003 which is eight times more than the current cost.

What is the Cheapest Cryptocurrency?

Shiba Inu coin (SHIB) is among the most affordable cryptocurrencies accessible on Coinbase. Shiba Inu coin price is $0.000011 at the time of September 22nd, 2022. Be aware that lesser-known cryptocurrencies could have high volatility and low liquidity.

What Could Be Next Bitcoin?

Ethereum (ETH). The Ethereum network is operated by “smart contracts” written in computer code and transferred to the blockchain which the other cryptocurrencies are able to function through. Ethereum isn’t currently selling at the same level as Bitcoin and its value (as of November 2022) at $1,563.99.

Which Crypto Will Survive Long Term?

Bitcoin (BTC) – Overall Best Long-Term Crypto Investment. Bitcoin is without a doubt the most reliable investment for long-term crypto investment. It is the first cryptocurrency that, though initially designed in order to substitute fiat currencies, has been extensively used as a source of value and protection against the risk of traditional investments.

Should I Buy Dogecoin?

As more investors begin to appreciate the concept of decentralization, Dogecoin could benefit immensely. This is one reason that, despite being a popular currency, Dogecoin is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in and buy in 2022. Virtual currencies can be extremely unstable. Your money is at risk.

Should You Consider Investing in the Next Crypto that Explodes?

Which Crypto Coin Will Rise In Future? It’s tempting to discover the next great cryptocurrency. Although you may get incredible returns from this method it’s also a challenge to find, time-consuming, and risky.

In the beginning, you’ll have to find cryptocurrencies other than the top market players. Smaller cryptocurrencies offer greater potential for growth however, they’re also more prone to fail, which means there’s a greater chance of losing the entire amount you invested. To mitigate that risk it’s possible to invest a portion of your money into cryptocurrency stocks or large-cap coins.

The study of smaller cryptocurrencies requires time. Even when a venture appears to be an assured winner, anything could occur on the crypto market. A carefully-studied investment can fail even if a completely ineffective cryptocurrency can reach the moon simply because it’s named “Shib” or “Doge” in its name.

Following the cryptocurrency trends or attempting to anticipate them isn’t the best investment choice. It’s fine to give the idea a try however, you should make sure your expectations along with the money you put into it -are extremely low.


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